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Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of the IGDA. The board oversees every aspect of the association, always acting in the best interest of the game developer community. One of the main roles of the IGDA Board of Directors is to create and maintain the mission and vision of the organization including long-term planning, financial oversight, determining and monitoring programs, services and staff and advocating for the IGDA. IGDA board directors are all volunteers.

Below you'll find quick links to board related pages and channels, listing of the current board members and their bios and information on how to contact us.

Quick Links:
IGDA Board Blog
IGDA Board Twitter
IGDA Board Meeting Minutes

You can always feel free to email the board with questions, comments, or suggestions as a whole at or individually using our emails found below.

Current Board Members:
  • Tom Buscaglia - Chair (Bio)
  • Jon Grande - Vice-Chair (Bio)
  • Ed Fries - Treasurer (Bio)
  • Luke Dicken - Interim Secretary (Bio)
  • Dustin Clingman - Chair Emeritus (Bio)
  • Justin Berenbaum (Bio)
  • Sheri Graner Ray (Bio)
  • Sheri Rubin (Bio)
  • Anne Toole (Bio)

Tom Buscaglia - Chair
The Game Attorney
Tom Buscaglia
Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney, is a principal in the law firm The Game Attorney PC, with offices in the Seattle, Washington, US area. Tom has assisted independent game developers since 1991 with all aspects of business and legal matters. Tom wrote the chapter entitled "Effective Developer Agreements" for the book, The Secrets of the Game Business and has written numerous articles, including in Game Developer Magazine and the Game Law series of articles and an Expert Blog on Tom is a perennial presenter at numerous conferences such as the Game Developer Conference and PAX where he speaks on the game industry business and legal matters. Tom, an IGDA member since 2000, Chairs the IGDA Charitable Foundation, is the Coordinator of the Seattle IGDA Chapter, and serves on the IGDA Board of Directors. As FaTe[F8S] Tom is founder and Supreme Warlord of FaTe's Minions, an online gaming "clan" that has been competing online since January, 1998. So, in addition to his deep professional knowledge base, he has a gamer's appreciation and understanding of the game industry. Tom can be reached via
Jon Grande - Vice Chair
Chief Product Officer &
General Manager, Tap Slots Inc.

Jon Grande
I am the Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Tap Slots. I am working with our executive team to build a new development studio in Las Vegas, leveraging the prior work from our studio in Perth Australia. Prior to joining Tap Slots, I spent a little over two years as a Senior Director at PopCap, both before and after the acquisition by EA, where I was responsible for the team that shipped Peggle2 for Xbox One, as well as PopCap's "hidden object" studio in Vancouver (formerly Spintop Games).

I started my career with a 17 year stint at Microsoft, starting in the late 80s. I joined Microsofts fledgling games group in the early 90s, where I worked on a host of early Windows game franchises (Flight Sim, Close Combat, etc), then started & helped manage the MSN Gaming Zone, and then managed development and publishing relationships with BioWare, Marvel, Gas Powered Games, Turbine and several other studios. Following my career at Microsoft, I spent 5 years at a variety of start-ups, working on everything from massively multiplayer games (Sigil Games, acquired by Sony), developer tools (Blade3D with Digini), licensed Hollywood properties (HollywoodPlayer with Exponential), and gesture based technologies (Omek, acquired by Intel). Jon can be reached via
Ed Fries - Treasurer
Former VP, Microsoft Studios
Ed Fries
Ed Fries created his first video games for the Atari 800 in the early 1980s. He joined Microsoft in 1986, and spent the next ten years as one of the early developers on Excel and Word. He left the Office team to pursue his passion for interactive entertainment and created Microsoft Game Studios. Over the next eight years he grew the team from 50 people to over 1200, published more than 100 games including more than a dozen million+ sellers, co-founded the Xbox project, and made Microsoft one of the leaders in the interactive entertainment business. In 2004, Ed retired from his Microsoft Vice President job to continue his work in the video game business as board member, advisor and consultant to a broad range of publishers, independent game developers, and media companies. In 2007 Ed launched his own startup, FigurePrints, an innovative company that uses 3D color printing technology to bring video game characters to life. In the summer of 2010 Ed released "Halo 2600", a "demake" of the Halo video game series for the Atari 2600. Ed can be reached via
Luke Dicken - Interim Secretary
Founder, Robot Overlord Games
Luke Dicken
Luke Dicken is the founder of Robot Overlord Games, a researcher with the Strathclyde Artificial Intelligence and Games group at the University of Strathclyde in the UK and is one of the organizers for the web-based AltDev Conference series. Luke has been passionate about artificial intelligence since playing "Creatures" as a teenager, and pursued it at university, first through several degrees in traditional AI before specializing in AI for games as part of a PhD he is still (occasionally) pursuing. After winning one of the IGDA Scholarships to attend E3, Luke began volunteering for IGDA Scotland, rising to a leadership position in the chapter. He also went on to win a further two scholarships, making him one of the first ever three-time IGDA Scholars. He now works to coordinate the Scholarships program worldwide, as well as acting as Chair for the IGDA's Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group. At the end of 2012, Luke was named as one of Develop magazine's "30 Under 30" list of young developers to watch, but hasn't yet found a subtle way to work that into a bio. Luke can be reached via
Dustin Clingman - Chair Emeritus
CEO, PlaysTogether
Dustin Clingman
A 14-year veteran of the Games Industry, Dustin has developed games for nearly every mobile platform. In 2002 he founded Zeitgeist Games, which was acquired in late 2008 by IMI Labs and relaunched as ZeeGee Games to focus on the growing Social Games market. In 2012 he founded his newest label, First5 Games, to focus on creating games with the core mantra that they "Be understood in 5 seconds and loved in 5 minutes or less!" Presently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association and lifetime member of the IGDA. Dustin can be reached via
Justin Berenbaum
VP of Business Development &
Strategic Relations, 505 Games

Justin Berenbaum
Justin Berenbaum brings over 20 years of business development experience to the video game industry with an emphasis on emerging markets. His career spans international business development, sales, customer support, game development, strategy and licensing for video game developers and publishers and technology companies. Justin is currently VP of Business Development & Strategic Relations for 505 Games and, prior to this position, he ran his own video game consultancy, Theseus Games, Inc., where he worked with technology companies and developers in the interactive space. He also served as VP Business Development for EmSense Corporation, a quantitative biosensory metrics analysis company; was Senior Manager Business Development & Latin America at Activision-Blizzard; and handled business development at Overture (formerly GoTo), pay for performance advertising. Justin holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and is currently a member of the IGDA Business & Legal SIG, and is a long-time volunteer and supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Justin can be reached via
Sheri Graner Ray
Founder, Zombie Cat Studios
Sheri Graner Ray
Sheri Graner Ray started in the game industry 1989 at Origin Systems. Since then she has worked with such organizations as Electronic Arts, Her Interactive, Sony Online Entertainment, CCP/Whitewolf, US Navy, KingsIsle, Cartoon Network and many others. Most recently she served as the Studio Design Director at Schell Games. She is the co-founder of Women in Games International as well as the Women in Games SIG for the IGDA. In 2004 she authored the book "Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market" which garnered a nomination for Game Developer's Choice book of the year. The IGDA also awarded her the 2005 Game Developer's Choice award for her work in gender and games. She is a sought out speaker on gender and computer games. In 2013, Sheri launched her own start up, Zombie Cat Studios, an independent game studio and consulting firm in Austin Texas. She also works as the Sr Design Consultant for Schell Games. Sheri Graner Ray can be reached via
Sheri Rubin
Founder, Design Direct Deliver
Sheri Rubin
Sheri Rubin is the founder and CEO of Design Direct Deliver. With her zealous attention to detail and a passion for improving customer experiences, she is dedicated to making the world better one client at a time. Prior to starting the company, she was Producer and Corporate Communications Director for High Voltage Software, Inc. She is an avid philanthropist and fierce advocate for the betterment of the video game industry, dedicating much of her free time to volunteer organizations including the Red Cross, Women in Games International (WIGI), and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). Sheri received her bachelor of science degree summa cum laude in Business Administration and serves on the board of several organizations including IGDA, IGDA Chicago, and Rival Games Oy. Sheri can be reached via
Anne Toole
Writer, The Write Toole
Anne Toole
Anne Toole is a writer of games, television, webseries, and short fiction. Her credits include the Emmy-winning webseries THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES and the WGA-nominated dark fantasy game THE WITCHER. Due to her transmedia experience, Anne has spoken at the inaugural Nokia OpenLab 2008 as well as about game design at GDC Europe, GDC Online, South by Southwest, the Login Game Conference, and Comic-con International. In addition to her work with the IGDA, she was appointed by the West Hollywood City Council to serve on the city's Women's Advisory Board. Anne graduated from Harvard with an ever-so-useful degree in Archaeology and suffers a minor zombie obsession. Anne can be reached via







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