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South Florida
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South Florida Game Studios

Posted By Frank Velazquez, Monday, January 18, 2016

South Florida is a booming market for Game Developers, the industry at the moment is small, but very strong, all the studios are driven by people who love the art, and to develop games. The community is strong and everyone tries to help one another whenever possible. has a good list on all the current studios based in South Florida.

The list is ever growing:

List of South Florida Game Developers


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GameJam at Miami Dade College

Posted By Frank Velazquez, Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Miami GameJam - Make Games Miami


Hey there game devs!

A couple of weeks back the IGDA partnered with Miami Dade College, the MAGIC center and Make Games Miami to host a GameJam for the community and students. It was an amazing time, many people showed up and the work done was pretty cool.

This time around instead of choosing a theme, we chose a game genre. The genre was "Endless runners" this allowed anyone to participate no matter their skill level, we ended up with three teams and a couple individuals, the games where:

1. Hell & Back - Winners

2. Webby - Second Place

3. Unfinished Product (Actual name) - Honorary mention


Here is a video of the winning game:


Below are a couple of pictures, check it out!


 Attached Thumbnails:

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IGDA at Miami Int'l University of Art and Design's MAT Talk

Posted By Frank Velazquez, Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey game devs!

This past week the IGDA South Florida chapter got invited to speak about the IGDA at the Art Institute here in Miami. The talk revolved about the mission the IGDA has about Game Development and why we need to create more Student chapters. Along with the IGDA we had members from and Ghost Punch Studios, a new South Florida Indie studio.

We had a blast there and will attend to more MAT Talks in the future.

To read more about the event check this out:

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iGeneration Charter School visit - Presentation review

Posted By Pedro Guerra, Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On May 27, 2015, the south Florida chapter of the IGDA went to visit iGeneration Charter School ( )in Margate, FL as guest reviewers for the student’s final projects for world history as well as to give a small talk on games and game design. 

Upon arrival, Dr. Safeer Bhatti, one of the program directors and instructors at the institute, greeted us and guided us to where the presentations were being held. After all of the students finished setting up, we began to make our way around the room. There was a mix in presentation mediums that ranged from board games, to still presentations. 

The first presentation that we encountered caught our attention very quickly. Margaret had a game called Twister History. This game functions much like regular twister, except it came with a twist. For the player to be awarded full points, they must answer a history question from the different countries designated by colors. Some of these questions were obscure unless one had studied the subjects. None of us made it out alive from that one. 

Another game presentation was the hardcore Knowledge of the Empire game created by George. The only way to win at this game was to make it through the gauntlet of history questions. Answer one wrong and it is back to the beginning for the poor player. Devious indeed. 

Overall, we had an incredible experience at the school. The students were extremely eager to showcase their works and receive feedback. Once presentations were completed, we were asked to talk about ourselves, who we were, and what we did. 

The students were hungry to learn and explore their options. There was a wide array of talents that day. From natural public speakers and motivators, to designers and innovators. It is this kind of nurturing that youth require in order to shape our world for the better. It was pleasure for us to have been a part of that process.

About iGeneration Charter School: Is not your traditional classroom. Redefining the way students are educated. Students are given laptops rather than textbooks to access their courses online 24-7. But, like a traditional school, they still attend classes with their classmates, rotating each period to a new classroom.

More pictures of the visit here »

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