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IGDA Board of Directors Election - 2015
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The next election for the IGDA Board of Directors began 9 January 2015 with new directors taking office on 1 April 2015.

There will be two seats up for election this year. View the IGDA Election Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF, 323KB) for complete details on the IGDA election process.

Board members whose terms extend beyond April 2015 consist of the following individuals: Tom Buscaglia (2016), Luke Dicken (2016), Sheri Graner Ray (2016), Justin Berenbaum (2017), Jon Grande (2017) and Anne Toole (2017).

2015 IGDA Board of Directors Election Schedule:

  • 26 November: Begin call for nominations.
  • 16 December: End call for nominations; all nominations must be received by this date.
    All voting eligible members of record as of this date may vote.
  • 19 December: All submitted candidates are reviewed and confirmed they meet requirements by the Executive Director and those passing requirements are sent to the Nomination Committee. Nomination Committee begins review process of candidates to recommend final slate.
  • 7 January: Final recommended slate provided to the Board by the Nomination Committee for ratification.
  • 8 January: Board meets and approves final slate of candidates to present to membership for voting.
  • 9 January: Election materials are emailed to all voting eligible members on record. Voting commences.
  • 9 February: End of voting; e-ballots are counted.
  • 12 February: Board meets and either certifies election results or appoints directors if quorum is not met.
  • 16 February: Election results are announced and Board orientation of new members begins.
  • 1 April: Newly elected Directors take their seats.

All members eligible to vote will receive an email with voting instructions starting 9 January 2015. Please note: student members are not eligible to vote.

If you have any questions please contact Kate Edwards, Executive Director, at If you believe you are a voting eligible member and did not receive ballot information to the primary email address on your IGDA account, please contact





Candidate Information (in alphabetical order by last name)

Gabriel Gutierrez
It is said that we should "Accept the things we cannot change". I, on the other hand, believe we should change the things we no longer accept.

The entire Game Industry is at a crossroads that we may not have been entirely ready for. But, as the IGDA, we can & must continue to embrace this change together. Attitudes, beliefs, & perceptions are affecting how we’re all treated, within this culture, in which we have chosen to play an important role for.

For me, I believe we must continue to educate, strengthen, & inspire by providing technical & educational opportunities, as IGDA HQ & our respective Chapters. We must create ways to acknowledge what each respective IGDA Chapter does on a monthly, active basis. This provides incentive for all Chapters. We need more accountability on our presence within our respective communities.

If we cannot educate our people with the discipline & clarity on how to handle the myriad of issues within the Gaming Industry, we can never truly be the "unity" within our community. I want to help strengthen those communities. It is our responsibility for us all to play that role.

I bring confidence & focus because of what my Chapter continues to present on a monthly basis within the Sacramento Community, since April 15th, 2013. I have also been an IGDA Member since Summer 2012.

I have implemented very successful Chapter sessions including: (Credits) Copyright/Trademark, Marketing, Demo Feedback nights, Game Jams, Mingle Nights, & our very 1st very successful IGDA Sacramento Indie Arcade Event. I’ve spoken at local colleges & chapters to speak about IGDA Sacramento. These colleges & chapters include: UC Davis, Art Institute of Sacramento, & Sacramento City College, Boy Scouts of Sacramento, & more!

Finally, I’ve helped establish our Chapter’s presence as far north as Reno, west as San Francisco, & soon, south as San Diego. This all continues, while I actively run my own Indie Game Start-Up, Nascent Games LLC, as the Founder. Tomorrow may not be promised to us. But, the lives & dreams we can positively affect in our communities can be promised & practiced today. For these are the changes we can accept…

Thank you for your time & consideration.

IGDA Credits:

  • Founder of IGDA Sacramento
  • Member since 2012


Dr. Farhad Javidi
I started the Charlotte, NC Chapter of IGDA and serve as its chair. I’m also the founder/CEO of Simbryo Corporation; we make console and mobile games, as well as game engines and game development tools. One of our recent projects involved the development/publication of 100 games on 2 platforms in 5 months. I’m also a professor. I created the first state-approved associate degree program in Game Development in the US. My teams have won the ImagineCup US Championship twice and were finalists at the World Finals. These accomplishments resulted in a visit by Bill Gates to our college, recognition of the college by the Gates Foundation as a leader in student success initiatives, and one of the Foundation’s largest-ever grants to a college. I have a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and have completed the coursework for a second Doctorate, in Computer Science.

I have been involved in IGDA for 10 years. I started IGDA Charlotte because I am committed to advancing the organization’s mission and values. I support its focus on individual developers; on honoring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and recognizing their amazing talents through the creation of opportunities for career advancement, personal growth and fun. The artists/scientists who make the game industry the most impactful and profitable entertainment industry in the world deserve leaders who will listen to their voices, fairly represent their perspectives and concerns, and work tirelessly on their behalf. I love this art form and the opportunities for self-expression it affords. I have spent the past 20 years helping young people recognize and develop their talents, and use them to make life better for themselves and others. Through my work at colleges and universities, and with Simbryo, I’m strengthening ties between the game industry and academia. I’m committed to increasing the number of women in the game industry. Toward this end, and in collaboration with a local community college and university, IGDA Charlotte will host a seminar series on Women in Games, with a focus on the portrayal of females in games and the achievements of female game developers. I’m also leading “Project Centurion 2015,” the goal of which is to facilitate the establishment of 100 new game companies in the Charlotte region in 2015. I would welcome the opportunity to take my passion for the game industry and my commitment to supporting game developers to the next level by serving on the IGDA Board.

IGDA Credits:

  • Chair, IGDA Charlotte
  • Member since 2012


Adam McClard
I have been an active member of the IGDA since 2003, living in Shanghai during that time the local industry pool was limited, and I found it completely disconnected from one another.

In 2005 I reached out to a few friends in local game studios, and we put together the IGDA Shanghai chapter, in hopes of uniting not only the Eastern and Western markets, but also create an avenue to better communication and opportunities in our market.

IGDA was not a well-known name outside the expat community, but we put together something meaningful that slowly brought in more and more professionals to our meetings, but the member conversions were low, and the benefits we could offer were not as vast at the time.

During my time running events in Shanghai I kept wondering what does the "International" in IGDA really stand for? Admittedly I once thought it should have been just called American Game Developers Association, but recently under our new leadership I am proud to see where things are going, and I cannot help but want to be a part of it again.

Our community has grown into something I only could dream of years ago so many studios uniting in the common cause of making great videogames.

However I still there are many pieces missing, and feel there could be more programs to help teach the fledgling studios and entrepreneurs how to build thriving and enduring businesses in an ever changing landscape.

I hope to provide my experience in helping build good foundations in newer markets, and also help those who are already there to achieve stability in their craft, and work with our leaders to build more benefits in newer markets to help making the harder parts of the business more organic and easier to navigate.

In closing I want to lightly touch on the separation in our industry, and stereotyped norms that are now being addressed more and more. The game industry is vast and full of many different types of awesome people, but I hope that we can bring in more equality amongst those in our industry.

We have to prove that we have the strength and astounding ability to show that games unite us and do not divide us. There is so much more for us to accomplish together.

Thank you humbly for your consideration.

IGDA Credits:

  • Member 2005-2011, and since 2013
  • Part of the leadership of IGDA Shanghai, 2005-2011
  • Participant in IGDA Baltimore


Trent Oster
Hello. I'm Trent Oster, Bioware co-founder and 18 year game industry survivor.

I’m asking for your support on my bid for election as a board member of the IGDA. Throughout my career I have confronted many huge tasks with the simple and optimistic question, "How hard could it possibly be?" The answer was almost always much harder than I ever imagined, but as with any worthwhile monumental task, you get started, put in a lot of hard work, and the end comes faster than you predicted. I think we are at a pivotal moment in the history of video games. I believe we have an opportunity to reframe the world’s understanding of video game culture. We currently underperform in this area and I think we can take a much more active role in the narrative of our industry. I’m ready to try to make a difference. I hope my fellow developers reading this feel as I do and choose to support my efforts to join the IGDA leadership.

As for my beliefs, I believe in people. I think labels such as sex and race are highly overused. I believe in individuals; I think the world is filled with some amazing people and the heights they can achieve are mind-blowing. I’ve been lucky to work with some great people over the years and I look forward to working with more in the years to come. I believe in stretching into uncomfortable spaces and growing as a person through constant challenge and learning. I think we have an amazing industry, from the huge "AAA" efforts to the small one-person indie devs. I've had the pleasure of working for both ends of the industry and I think that gives me perspective on the issues we face. Mostly, I believe we need to change how our industry is perceived and how our industry is portrayed. I think the time is right to advocate for our industry.

IGDA Credits:

  • Joined in 1999
  • Lifetime Member
  • Occasional presenter at Edmonton chapter





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