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IGDA Board of Directors Election - 2018
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Voting in the 2018 IGDA Board of Directors election for the will begin 18 February 2018 with new board members taking office on 1 April.

Board members whose terms extend beyond April 2018 consist of the following individuals: Zoe Bell (2019), Renee Gittins (2020), Emily Greer (2020), Lucien Parsons (2020), Vesa Raudasoja (2019), and David Stelzer (2019).

2018 IGDA Board of Directors Election Schedule:

  • 13 December 2017: Nomination Period Begins
  • 8 January 2018: Nomination Period Closes; All voting eligible members of record as of this date may vote
  • 15 January - 11 February: Nominating Committee interviews
  • 11 February: Nominating Committee provides recommendations to Board
  • 18 February - 11 March: Election Period; Election materials are emailed to all voting eligible members on record as of 8 January 2018
  • 22 March: New Board Members Announced
  • 1 April: New Term Begins

To vote in the 2018 election, you must be a voting eligible member by the close of nominations on 8 January 2018. All members eligible to vote will receive an email with voting instructions starting 18 February 2018. Please note student members are not eligible to vote.




Candidate Information (in alphabetical order by last name)

Tim Cullings
I have spent the past four years as a community organizer and leader for the game development community in Seattle and would like to take that experience to a larger scale and be able to advocate for a stronger community on a larger scale. I believe that the work that IGDA does is important as a central point of focus to helps maintain quality of life and a sense of community for people in the industry during this period of expansive worldwide growth.

Relevant IGDA or Other Volunteer Experience:
2 years as a board member for IGDA Seattle, 1 year as a board member for Seattle Indies +2 years prior as a volunteer event organizer







Christopher Hamilton
I am passionate about games and community development. Games entertain, educate, challenge us, change how we think, and empower us to change our lives. Communities provide opportunities to connect, learn and serve. IGDA is a meeting place of these passions.

I am a US citizen who has lived extensively in the US, Russia and Finland with more than 10 years experience in both the games industry and NGO development. I offer unique experiences and skill sets to the IGDA. As a board member, my mission would be to improve capacity building between chapters, outreach to game development communities in Europe interested in joining IGDA, and work with the organization to provide more value to our members, particularly our international ones.

I have assumed leadership roles in IGDA Finland since I moved to the country in 2014. I am serving as seminar coordinator for our Helsinki Hub with attendance typically exceeding 500 people. I also recently completed a two-year term on the board, where as Membership Lead I ran an outreach campaign resulting in 18 new companies joining as studio affiliates.

IGDA Finland is a unique chapter in the IGDA family. It is one chapter comprised of 12 hubs working in 12 different cities in Finland. Much of the board’s work is developing new ideas and programs, and building capacity in the areas outside of Helsinki by facilitating and empowering volunteers in those cities. I work collaboratively with these volunteers, fostering the community and supporting them to learn from one another in an iterative process.

My game development background is in localization/culturalization, product and project management, marketing and publishing. I am currently a producer at Rovio Entertainment.

Please vote for me and give me the opportunity to fulfill my mission.

Relevant IGDA or Other Volunteer Experience:
IGDA Finland Helsinki Hub Seminar Coordinator 2014-present; IGDA Finland board member 2015-2017; Finnish Game Jam evangelist/volunteer 2015-present, board member 2017-present; CGA/Casual Connect volunteer/indie prize judge/adviser 2014-present; Oulu Game Lab mentor/judge 2015-present; GameFounders mentor 2013-present; Garage48 mentor 2014-present


Paul Marzagalli
The “Democratization of Games” is real, and with it our community has diversified both globally and creatively. If the IGDA wants to pursue increased worldwide engagement, that means empowering developers to pursue their visions and supporting them in that endeavor. My focus as a member of the Board of Directors would be to further develop these possibilities. My game industry career began in 2005 and for many years ran concurrently with a recently wrapped seventeen-year career in higher education. My longest-standing gig (and the capacity in which I met many of you) has been as a member of the Board of Advisors for the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers. The organization was founded to promote recognition for the individuals who make the industry what it is. In fact, NAVGTR’s President, Tom Allen, is currently Chair of the IGDA’s Credentials SIG. That ideal has been at the core of my industry journey since its inception. Working on empowering voices across the world means giving them a platform as well as providing them access to peers and opportunities that are not always readily available. Much of my time in the industry has been opening those kinds of doors, whether through my NAVGTR work, my role as an advisor for the Boston Festival of Indie Games, or myriad smaller roles like working with the Gerontoludic Society on the dialogue regarding gaming experiences for older citizens. Sometimes, it is just a matter of knowing the right people, other times it is creating opportunities because there is a need. These are lessons that I apply in my current position as Public Relations & Community Manager for inXile Entertainment. In my current capacities, I already work with a broad spectrum of the industry and those voices and connections are what I would bring to the IGDA Board of Directors. When I think about this role, it is in the context of the future conversations that I will have with you, hearing your hopes and concerns, and bringing those perspectives to IGDA meetings. A diversity of voices and gameplay means walking a tightrope of working toward solutions for general industry issues without resorting to groupthink (be it regional or ideological). It is imperative that we continue to develop a camaraderie as an industry while always working to celebrate and defend all the different ways we express ourselves as artists and creators in our many communities.

Relevant IGDA or Other Volunteer Experience:
Advisory Board - National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, Advisory Board - Boston Festival of Indie Games, Advisory Board - Gerontoludic Society


Dr. Matthew M. White
In the last ten years, the IGDA has been a holistic and integral part of my game development career. By both launching me into this industry and acting as a central source for resources and connections, the IGDA has provided me with both the opportunities and resources necessary to further my career. The IGDA scholarship to attend GDC that I received as a student in 2009 was the catalyst to a now ten-year career in game development, spanning AAA, indie, education, and everything in between. In the years since, I've tried to give back as much as possible, volunteering with the IGDA scholars, GURSIG, mentorship programs, and more. The IGDA is uniquely positioned to act as a single voice for the extremely broad community that it serves, which is of course an ongoing challenge. I can think of no better way to thank this organization for all it has done for me than to assist in its direction. During my career, I have developed and led a game development program for a major university, developed an analytics pipeline for a large studio, developed and launched a handful of indie games, and founded a company or three. I also had the great opportunity to work at Playstation in a central group, learning about the challenges faced by game developers of all sizes and budgets. Today, I work for Keywords Studios as a remote data scientist, where I lend statistical and technical expertise to a variety of big data challenges. In my free time, I am working to set up a game development coworking space and ecosystem for the blossoming game development community in Northwestern Pennsylvania, centered on the city of Erie. In my various roles, I have always aspired to bring energy, grit, and accuracy to the tasks assigned of me. Penn State's game development program grew 300% under my leadership, Volition built and deployed a full stack analytics pipeline, my personal businesses have flourished, and I continue to add value for Keywords. It would be an honor to bring some of my skills to bear on an organization that has been a major part of my career, and will continue to be well into my retirement.

Relevant IGDA or Other Volunteer Experience:
IGDA Scholar 2008-2009; GURSIG member, content curator, conference host, and more for last 5 years; IGDA scholars volunteer; IGDA scholar mentor; GUR mentorship program; Extra Life host 4 years running; Extra Life fundraiser 6 years running; Pro bono speaker, mentor at Penn State Game Development; Local (City of Erie) volutneer work, various.










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